Tel Aviv: A Heart Healthy Culinary Destination

carrots israeliisraeli saladsdennis fish

Israel enjoys one of the highest life expectancy rates worldwide, 82.5 years on average (more than 3 years higher than America’s 79.2).  Having recently visited the country, it is easy to see why.  First, Israelis’ are fit- a mandatory 3-year Army enlistment helps in developing lifelong habits for maintaining excellent physical conditioning. In Tel Aviv, there are 44 miles of designated bicycle routes and numerous exercise machines that line the beach making it convenient to grab a workout any time of day or night. Equally impressive are the delicious assortment of fruits and vegetables, amazing spices and healthy culinary delicacies. Among my favorites were the humongous carrots. These antioxidant powerhouses also produce incredibly sweet carrot juice; make sure to check it out when you visit the country. Another culinary gem adding to the Israeli dining experience was the customary assortment of small salads that included hummus, beets, eggplant, tahini, herring, cucumbers, tomatoes and of course, carrots. Of the many outstanding dining experiences, my favorite was Shtsupak (; make sure to try the Denis (sea bream) fish that is native to Israel. It is an excellent source of Vitamins B6, B12 and Selenium that is guaranteed to boost your mood and Heal Your Heart.

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