A Cardiologist’s Recommendations for Enjoying the Holiday Season

Health & Wellness, Heart Health


Life’s short so as a practicing cardiologist I recommend that my patients enjoy the holiday season and all of the decadent treats and trimmings (without going too hog wild). After all, healthy nutrition between New Years and Thanksgiving far outweighs not-so-healthy nutrition between Thanksgiving and New Years.    Here are several tips I recommend so that my patients can have their (holiday) cake and eat it too.

  1. Enjoy 2 spoonfuls of any/every decadent dish served.  After all, we only remember the first and last bites anyway!
  2. Remember the slogan “a little dab’ll do ya” when it comes to condiments, toppings and fillers.  When added to your meal, the brain receives signals that you are not full and as a result you will tend to eat 30-40% more food.
  3.  Walk it off.  After a large meal, as little as a 15-minute walk will improve your blood sugar and blood fat (triglyceride) levels.


More tricks of the trade can be found in “Heal Your Heart: The Positive Emotions Prescription...”, Amazon’s #1 Rated Book in Heart Disease.  All proceeds are donated to the American Heart Association.

Dr. Michael Miller is a cardiologist and Professor of Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.  He is Chair, ATVB Clinical Lipidology Council of the American Heart Association and a member of AHAs Lifestyle Leadership Committee.

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